Black Bob Bay
Black Bob Bay – City of Olathe

OLATHE (o lay’ tha)

Shawnee Indian word for “beautiful”

Olathe, incorporated in 1857, is located on Interstate 35, 20 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City on the Oregon-California and Santa Fe Trail.

In 2013, the city had an estimated population of 129,241 people which makes it the 5th largest city in Kansas. It is also part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area with a total population which is approximately 2.04 million people.

There are 43 neighborhood & community parks, 57 miles of public trails within Olathe’s city limit and 18.2 miles of bike lanes.

From great restaurants, shopping, music and performing arts, parks, and a short distance from downtown Kansas City, you’ll find plenty to do within Olathe and the surrounding areas.

Sister Cities: Chur, Switzerland and Ocotlán, Mexico

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Osborne Plaza
Osborne Plaza – City of Olathe

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Olathe has been home to the Kansas State School for the Deaf since it was established in 1866. The deaf community continues to be an integral part of Olathe with the Olathe Club for the Deaf and the Deaf Cultural Center and William Marra Museum.